Project VOCO (Voice of Chinese Overseas) is a non-profit and independent platform dedicated to collecting and presenting information, stories, and analysis of Chinese migrants living overseas, especially in the global south. Under the trend of Belt and Road Initiative and China’s growing global engagement, this project is created by China House to help the world understand the complexity of outbound Chinese migrants.


Founder & Chief Curator

Jiatong Yu Jiatong Yu is currently a student at Princeton University, with multiple ethnographic research experiences in Eastern Africa with a focus on Chinese immigrant societies. She is dedicated to improving the social cohesion of Chinese Diaspora communities in Africa through more efficient information exchange and cultural understanding.

Board of Advisors

Hongxiang Huang has worked in Africa as a freelance journalist and business representative/consultant for responsible Chinese investment projects. Huang is the founder and CEO of the Nairobi-based China House Kenya, which provides consulting services to Chinese companies in Africa on sustainable development and investment.

Eric Orlander is a journalist with more than 30 years of experience reporting, producing and managing newsrooms for some of the world’s leading editorial organizations including CNN, FRANCE 24 and the BBC World Service among others. He is managing editor of The China Africa Project, a fully-independent multimedia organization dedicated to exploring every aspect of China’s engagement with Africa.

Bradd Shore is a professor at the anthropology department of Emory University. His research focuses on the notion of cultural models as a significant way to reconceptualize the concept of culture in anthropology. His work provided rich insights in reformulating the concept of culture through the bridging of anthropology and cognitive science.