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Love Story in Nairobi

When he was 24, Wang wanted to see the world. At that time, he had already walked around China.

But after finishing the walking tour around, he felt emptiness. He needed a new target. And what he decided was a walking tour around the world.

Eight years ago, he set off for his journey.

When he arrived at Nairobi in Kenya, he had already been walking for half a year. He looked pale, haggard.

During his trip, he used to stay in the construction sites operated by Chinese companies. There he could be treated kindly by Chinese employees. It was late when he arrived at Nairobi, but it wasn’t easy to find a place to stay for a night. It was 11 PM that ultimately he found one. He was allowed to stay in a lounge in the warehouse, and the director on the site give him some bread, water, and a blanket.

In the morning, he was circled by curious Chinese employees working on the site. And that was the first time he met Li, a girl who worked as an accountant on the site.

It was Sunday, so they had plenty of time listening to the stories told by Wang. For Li, it was a kind of life she had never heard about.

As a child from a poor family, Wang doesn’t have much money. She came to work in Nairobi just because of the high payment they could offer for a girl just graduated.

She needed money so much that she even gave up the once a year chance flying back to China just to get an extra bonus from the company.

She envied the boy in front of her so much. Wang was born in a wealthy family. He wanted to pursue freedom and get away from his parents. But he didn’t realize that it was their wealth that supported his pursuit of freedom.

Normally, Wang will leave after having breakfast. But this time, he stayed. He noticed the girl sitting in the corner. She was beautiful, but she didn’t talk much.

He got a chance to stay together with Li after joining a trip with other employees. Li was also willing to do that since this was one of those rare opportunists that she could meet young people at her age.

It was a happy time in Nairobi. When it’s time to say goodbye, the left contacts for each other. It was too early for Wechat to appear, what they left was their QQ number, a chatting tool similar to MSN.

Li also gave Wang some gifts. Some T-shirts and ten thousand Kenya Shrilling. Wang felt embarrassed. He thought maybe Li thought he was a poor and frugal traveler. But anyway, he accepted the gift.

From then, Li sent Wang messengers every place he arrived.

Ultimately, one day, Wang arrived at Cape of Good Hope. He sent a selfish with comments, I wish to meet you at the corner. Li understood that. She commented, finish your dream, I will wait for you at Nairobi,

It’s the start of their relationship.

Wang continued his trip, from Europe to the UK, from South America to North America. He wrote down what he sees and how he misses.

2015, Wang finished his trip. At that time, he was already a famous blogger on the Internet. Wang’s family had a stone business in China. Wang went back home and told his mother that he wanted to have a stone business in Nairobi.

His mother was glad. But she didn’t know the real intention of his son.

Wang was 26 when he met Li again. Li had already worked in Nairobi for four years. There was no fight between them, but only countless miss.

This kind of ideal love didn’t push them away, and they haven’t been beaten by distance.

They finally hugged in Nairobi international airport. Wang opened his stone business there. Of course, Li was the company’s accountant.

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